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Switches & Outlets in Taunton, MA

Are you facing a shortage of outlets or discovering the absence of switches where you need them? Look no further than Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling for a professional electrician in Taunton, MA from our expert team. They will assess the type of switch or outlet installation or repair you require to ensure your electrical system is both functional and safe for your family. Call us today!

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Our Electrical Services

Electrical Outlet Installation Services

Every day, we carry out electrical outlet installations in Taunton, MA to meet our customers’ needs promptly. If you require a new plug, we’ll swiftly complete your electrical outlet installation. By identifying the location of your electrical lines and circuits, we’ll determine the optimal placement for a new outlet, prioritizing safety and convenience.

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Electrical Outlet Repair

Should any outlet issues arise, such as loose wires or damage, rest assured that our skilled electricians can swiftly repair them. We’ll disassemble the outlet in Taunton, diagnose the cause of the malfunction, and promptly carry out your electrical outlet repair. If the repair requires additional electrical work, we’ll ensure its completion.

Signs That You May Need Outlet Repair

If you’re running out of outlets or experiencing a lack of switches in crucial areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling. Our professional electricians in Taunton will assess the necessary switch/outlet installation or repair for your specific requirements. Rest assured, we’ll always find the best solution to optimize your electrical system’s functionality and ensure your family’s safety.

Light Switch Installation Services

Are your light switches malfunctioning or do you need a new switch for recently installed lighting? Contact us, and we’ll promptly provide electrical switch repair or installation services. We guarantee that each of your light switches will operate precisely as desired in no time!

Common Light Switch Problems

If you encounter a broken light switch in Taunton, MA, it likely falls into one of the following categories. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and provide a precise diagnosis:

  • Burnt-out fuse or tripped circuit breaker: Before calling us, check your fuses or circuit breakers, as a malfunctioning light switch could be the result of a burnt-out fuse or tripped breaker. Replacing the entire switch won’t resolve the issue if the underlying problem lies with these components.
  • Loose wires: Inconsistent light switch operation, flickering lights, or incomplete illumination may indicate loose wires behind the faceplate. As dealing with live wires requires professional expertise, it’s best to rely on our electricians to handle this issue.
  • Broken switch mechanism: If flipping the light switch yields no response, it’s likely that the switch mechanism itself is broken. Over time, these mechanisms wear out, making it a common problem. To prevent complications like loose wires, it’s advisable to enlist the assistance of an electrician when replacing broken light switches.

Whether your light switch issue falls into one of these scenarios or stems from a different cause, we’ll identify the problem swiftly and resolve it promptly. We understand the importance of well-functioning lights in your home!

Partner with Us for Outlet and Light Switch Solutions

At Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling, we strive to deliver an unparalleled level of service. From your initial call with our friendly scheduling agents, we prioritize ensuring your home’s electricity operates to your satisfaction.

Our process begins by accommodating your convenience when scheduling an appointment. We respect your time and guarantee punctuality. Rest assured, we’ll treat your home as if it were our own, consistently delivering the highest quality workmanship. We won’t leave until you’re fully satisfied with the job at hand, as we believe your home should work seamlessly for you.

When you require the expertise of an electrical repair company in Taunton, MA, contact us to experience why so many individuals trust Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling for their electrical needs.

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Get the Help & Comfort You Deserve

Whether you’re dealing with a flickering light, or a malfunctioning heater, or you’re planning a major electrical or HVAC project, Rego Electric, Heating & Cooling is here to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services! Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we’re here to ensure you have a seamless experience every step of the way.

Trust Rego for all your electrical and HVAC needs in Taunton, MA & beyond. Your satisfaction is our success!


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