AC Repair vs AC Replacement: What You Need to Know

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AC Repair vs AC Replacement: What You Need to Know

Deciding between AC repair and air conditioning replacement in Taunton, MA is an important choice that homeowners will inevitably face. While every situation is unique, certain factors can guide your decision-making process.

When to Opt for AC Repair in Taunton

At Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling, we recommend considering the following factors before choosing between AC replacement and air conditioning repair services in Taunton:

  1. Cost: When it comes to AC repairs in Taunton, there’s a simple yet effective formula commonly used in the HVAC industry to determine the best financial option. Multiply the age of the unit by the cost of repairs; if the total exceeds $5,000, a replacement might be more cost-effective.
  2. Frequent Repairs: If you find yourself frequently repairing the same AC system, it might be more practical to consider a new AC installation in Taunton instead.
  3. Comfort: In cases where your original air conditioning contractor in Taunton didn’t install the right-sized AC unit for your home, it might not effectively cool the space. In such instances, replacing the entire unit may be the best way to achieve the desired cooling power.
  4. System Age: If your AC system is less than five years old, it’s unlikely that a replacement will be necessary for some time.
  5. Safety: If your AC system is emitting carbon monoxide or incorrectly using natural gas, it poses a health and safety hazard for your home. Even if repaired, you may not feel confident in its reliability.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Modern AC units are significantly more energy-efficient compared to older ones. If you want to improve your home’s carbon footprint, investing in a new AC installation in Taunton could be a worthwhile option.

Our Expert Assistance for AC Repairs and Replacements in Taunton

No matter what decision you make after evaluating these factors, the team at Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling is here to assist you with top-notch AC repairs or air conditioning replacement in Taunton. Give us a call not only to get a new AC unit but also to ensure that you receive the best-suited unit for your specific needs.

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