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Electrical Repairs in Taunton, MA

When electrical issues arise in your residential or commercial property and you require electrical repair in Taunton, MA, do you have a reliable go-to? It’s always wise to have a plan, and the best plan is to contact Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling whenever you encounter a problem.

We have some of the best Taunton electricians in the industry, and we prioritize their continuing education to ensure they stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By investing in annual training, our electricians at Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling can save you money and provide you with the most efficient solutions for your electrical problems.

Rest assured that we are committed to developing a comprehensive plan to address your electrical repair needs in Taunton. No problem is too big or small for our team of experts to handle. We will devise a strategy to effectively resolve even the most challenging electrical issues.

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Our Electrical Services

Common Electrical Repairs

We frequently encounter the following issues:

  • Flickering lights: These indicate an excessive load on your system, and we will determine how to minimize it.
  • Overheating light switches: Don’t risk a potential house fire due to faulty electrical work. Allow us to rectify the situation and restore proper cooling.
  • Inoperative plugs: All your plugs should be functioning at all times. If they’re not, we will swiftly diagnose and address the underlying problem.
  • Electrical shorts: These can be hazardous, but we are adept at locating and rectifying them promptly.
  • System power overload: If your appliances strain a single circuit, it’s essential to address the issue to ensure proper functionality. We will determine the best course of action.
  • Multiple appliances on one circuit: Need an additional circuit or increased capacity? We will find a solution to provide the necessary power.
  • Incorrect electrical hookups for new appliances: Different appliances have specific plug requirements and electrical standards. We’ll ensure you have the appropriate setup, maximizing your new appliances’ potential.
  • …and more!
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Many homeowners tolerate electrical issues due to time constraints or lack of energy to address them. When you contact Rego Electric, Heating and Cooling, you can bid farewell to stress. We will shoulder the burden of finding and implementing a solution, freeing you from worries. In fact, we will restore your daily routine sooner than you might anticipate.

Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with our trusted electricians. We prioritize promptness, punctuality, and efficient resolution of your electrical problems. We guarantee open communication throughout the process. Regardless of the requirements, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect and when to anticipate our arrival. We will only leave when we know you’re completely satisfied with your electrical repair in Taunton, MA.

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Get the Help & Comfort You Deserve

Whether you’re dealing with a flickering light, or a malfunctioning heater, or you’re planning a major electrical or HVAC project, Rego Electric, Heating & Cooling is here to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services! Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we’re here to ensure you have a seamless experience every step of the way.

Trust Rego for all your electrical and HVAC needs in Taunton, MA & beyond. Your satisfaction is our success!


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