How to Choose an HVAC Contractor for Heating Maintenance

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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor for Heating Maintenance

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You may know the importance of heating maintenance in Taunton and the surrounding area, but aren’t sure who to turn to for service. You want someone reliable and trustworthy who offers fair, upfront pricing you can count on. No matter who you choose, regular HVAC service in Taunton is integral to a safe, efficient, working heater to keep you warm all winter.

We made it easy for you. Here’s what to know about hiring an HVAC contractor in Taunton and how to find the best team for you. Or call Rego Electric, Heating & Cooling to get prompt service and enjoy a warm, toasty home this winter.

1) Ask Around for References and Reviews

A great place to starting looking for an HVAC contractor to tackle your HVAC maintenance in Taunton is to ask your personal network of friends and family for recommendations. You can also take your search online, making sure their reviews are good, and even cross-referencing the recommendations from friends and family to what you see online. A few bad reviews shouldn’t completely deter you, but a long list of problems and concerns is not worth it.

2) Ask About Their Specific Experience

Not every heating system is the same. For example, servicing a heat pump is very different than working on a boiler. Your HVAC contractor in Taunton needs a specific type of expert. The team at Rego Electric, Heating & Cooling works on all types of major heating systems, including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and mini split duct systems.

3) Look Into Their Certifications and Licenses

Your HVAC contractor in Taunton should always hold all of the industry standard and necessary licenses and certifications. If they’re not qualified, you don’t know if they can safely fix your system. It’s also possible that working with a handman or someone with no license will void your HVAC warranty.

4) Ask for a Cost Estimate

Budget matters when it comes to hiring an HVAC contractor in Taunton. You want someone affordable, but if they’re offering rock-bottom prices, this is a red flag. You want a sound, realistic price that reflects the overall pricing in your community. You’ll end up with far better value than a company that’s slashing prices and quality in order to get a few customers.

5) Inquire About Ongoing Maintenance Schedules

In most cases, you’ll find deeper savings going with an ongoing maintenance schedule than paying for a one-off service. A Rego Electric electrician or HVAC contractor in Taunton will show up, get to work, make everything work, clean up everything, and get you back to your day. If you go with another company, make sure they can actually serve you on a regular schedule. Some companies will sell packages and then deliver on what they say they offer.

6) Get More Information on Their Warranties and Guarantees

A good, reliable HVAC contractor in Taunton should guarantee their work. You want to work with someone who takes pride in their work and guarantees their services. Make sure you work with someone who stands behind their services and offers some type of warranty. You want to know your HVAC system is in good hands, whether you have a boiler, furnace, or other system.

7) What About Their Energy Efficiency Expertise?

Not all HVAC systems are efficient, and older units are notoriously draining on your resources. Your HVAC contractor in Taunton should understand each system, when it’s worth making a repair, and when you should make the switch to something more efficient. The team at Rego Electric, Heating & Cooling may recommend a more energy-efficient model, depending on your needs, energy consumption, bills, and the age of your unit. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for your home that saves you time, money, and stress.

8) Remember to Ask About Emergency Service Availability

Working with an HVAC contractor is the perfect time to figure out how reliable they are. Ask if they offer emergency services, their turn-around time, and their costs. You want to know that you can call an HVAC technician in the middle of the night and someone will answer the phone.

10) Look for Customer Service and Communication

Calling an HVAC contractor in Taunton should result in a friendly, knowledgeable response. If you’re connected to an answering machine and no one calls you back, or you keep talking to a disinterested third-party service, turn the other way. You want an HVAC company that provides exemplary customer service and is reliable, trustworthy, and interested in helping you find a solution for your home. .

What to Know About DIY vs. Professional Heating Maintenance

There are some aspects of heating maintenance that you can handle pretty easily, like changing a filter. You can also wipe down your HVAC and rinse out your outdoor unit. But thorough HVAC maintenance requires an expert. Otherwise, you’ll never get deep into your vents or ductwork to clean and miss growing issues that could turn into a serious repair. Call Rego Electric, Heating & Cooling for the heating maintenance you need to keep your heat working seamlessly all winter.

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